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Our Process

The Rapid Enterprise Development (RED) is a free program that offers an innovative and creative way to fast-track the development of enterprises created by people with a disability. Essentially RED is about creating real employment opportunities by creating an enterprising culture with the disability community. This page will walk you through the enterprise process and how we can help.

At RED, we believe that enterprise has a key contribution to make to disabled people’s well being. RED is unique in combining supported self-employment and NDIS, which involves disabled people purchasing and directing the support they want.  By generating viable concepts for very-small enterprises and combining this with creative use of NDIS, RED provides individuals with a real economic alternative to traditional day activities.

Our Services

Ongoing Coaching
One-on-one coaching sessions available with our experienced enterprise coaches.

Access to marketing services that could include; branding, logo creation, social media and marketing plan curation, dependent on the enterprise.

Website Creation
Have you always wanted a website to be able to sell your products or services online? We can assist with website creation for your products and services. 

Administration Advice
We will work with you to provide guidance on basic book keeping and administration services for your enterprise. 

RED Marketeers
Currently developing a plan for Adelaide markets for our RED participents.


Here at RED we have a variety of workshops tailored to our different clientele. These workshops help our clients move through the enterprise process smoothly, they include:

RED Workshop
Our traditional 1 day full packed workshop where we work through your business idea all the way through to break even expenditure and viability of the business.

Half Day RED Workshop
Most things you love from the full day workshop but in half the time for those who are time poor.

Parent and Caregiver Workshop
For friends and family of the entrepreneur come along and learn how to be the support system for your loved one as well as a driving force behind the business idea.

Enterprise Support Worker Training
A specialised workshop for support workers to gain an understanding of what it takes to run a business to be able to spot and identify potential business ideas working in the community.

Digital Bootcamp
Throughout the digital bootcamp learn how to take your business to the next level learn how to create a starter website, create a social media presence, build a communications plan and create photo and video content.

Take a look at the workshops we are running now in events and If we aren’t currently running the workshop you would like to take part in contact us today.


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