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We are on the lookout for people living with disability who want to be involved in creating, building, and running this new business idea. This cooperative enterprise is designed to be owned and operated by people living with disability with support from the Rapid Enterprise Development team.


Here at Rapid Enterprise Development, we want to help achieve your business goals, so we are contributing financial support to make sure that The Woofer and Social Care are successes and helping to access further funding for the future.

The Woofer

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The Woofer is all about developing healthy and yummy dog treats for your best friend.

What you could be doing:

  • Learning how to run a business

  • Developing the business idea

  • Cooking/making the treats

  • Packing the orders

  • Learning how to market the company

  • Communicating with customers

Who are we looking for:

  • People living with disability

  • Someone who is passionate

  • Someone who wants to try something different


  • Submit your resume and your 'backstory' tell us why you and why you would like to be involved in this venture

  • To have finished high school or within your first year of completing

  • To be living with disability and have good support in place. If not, to have potential for support through NDIS


Social Care

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Social Care is all about developing first aid kits for medical, mental and social care.

What you could be doing:

  • Learning how to run a business 

  • Developing the business idea

  • Packing the orders 

  • Learning how to market the business

  • Communicating with clients


Let's Work Together

Send us an email or give us a call today tobe involved.


Email -
Phone - 0499 998 691 

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